Events And Workshops

SHAPES held a number of dialogue workshops with key stakeholders to ensure that our research and digital solutions are as effective as possible. We’re looking for people across health care, academia and potential users to get involved so please take a look at the below workshops and get in touch.


Final SHAPES Dialogue Workshop 
The Future of Smart & Healthy Ageing:
SHAPES Results, Recommendations & Reflections for an Inclusive Europe and a participative Civil Society
Tuesday, 12.09.2023 – 10:00 to 13.30 CET
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 7th SHAPES Dialogue Workshop 
Tuesday, 16.05.2023 – 14:00 to 17.00 CET
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 6th SHAPES Dialogue Workshop 
Approaches the diverse SHAPES digital solutions empowering older individuals as custodians of their own health and care.
Wednesday, 02.11.2022 – 10:00 to 13.15 CET
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Beyond the pilots:
Upscaling and transfer of person-centred digital solutions in integrated care pathways in Europe
Tuesday, 03.05.2022 – 14:00 to 17.00 CET
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Diversity and empowerment:  understanding the realities of older people
10:00 to 13:00 (CET), 26th October 2021

This workshop will be a dialogue between older people, people with disabilities, academics, researchers and the general public. By exposing the lived realities of older people and people with disabilities, the workshop will seek to challenge prejudices around ageing. It will exhort participants to get closer to people’s realities and experiences. The workshop will show the ways in which SHAPES is working hard to respond to users’ needs, as illustrated by the #SHAPESstories.

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Technological platforms and healthy ageing: challenges and opportunities

The SHAPES Innovation Action intends to build and deploy a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform. The integration of a broad range of technological, organisational, clinical, educational, and societal solutions seeks to facilitate active and healthy ageing (AHA) and the maintenance of a high-quality standard of life. Mediated by technology, in-home, and local community environments interact with health and care (H&C) networks contributing to the reduction of H&C costs, hospitalisations, and institutional care. However, the complexity of health and care systems poses great challenges.

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Integrated Care Models Workshop

Integrated care focuses on the needs of the recipient of care, on the coordination between diagnosis and treatment, the linking of primary care and secondary care, as well as connecting different therapeutic areas and specialties. Benefits of integrated care models comprise improved outcomes, established chains of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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Concept Validation Workshop

Our first workshop took place on the 12th of May 2020. Here we demonstrated the work SHAPES has done to date, plans for the future and host expert panel discussions.

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