Ulster University presented a poster entitled “Understanding User Acceptance, Inclusion, and the Societal Impact of Digital Health Technologies” at the 15th Irish Human Computer Interaction (iHCI) Symposium which took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the 18th of November 2022.


The poster described the development of a Europe-wide survey that seeks opinions regarding digital health technologies, in order to better understand user needs as a predictor of user acceptance. The survey illustrates the use of SHAPES digital solutions through four story videos that describe the lifestyle of an older person and highlights how the symptoms of a health condition (e.g., diabetes, heart failure) affect their daily activities. Each video illustrates how digital health could be used by an individual to help manage their symptoms and support their lifestyle.


The survey includes questions which focus on three categories that surround technology adoption – user acceptance, digital inclusion, and the societal impact of technology. We intend that the survey will uncover factors that are likely to encourage adoption of the SHAPES digital health solutions or act as barriers, hence providing vital new information into the prediction of acceptance of digital health innovations.


The survey is now available, by clicking here!