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The figure depicts, the results of a survey among 30 older adults living in different districts of an urban environment through the Place Standard tool. We evaluated the provision of services by the community and plot them on a diagram. From the results, we conclude that all sections of service provision to the elderly need improvement.

Cultivate Smart and Healthy Ageing

SHAPES project was presented due to the presentation of the paper Cultivate Smart and Healthy Ageing and it is acknowledged within the corresponding chapter in the IoT Technologies for HealthCare by Springer.


The essential criterion for developing an intelligent age-friendly environment is evaluating and monitoring the provision of services. Our research aims to allow the deployment of a broad range of digital healthcare solutions interconnected in an IoT network ecosystem. Through their interoperability, we will be able to cultivate age-friendly smart homes for older adults. Thus, we will enable interpreted living and wellbeing. The intelligent integrations of digital solutions will allow the acquisition and evaluation of health-related data. Standardization, interoperability and scalability of the integration will increase efficiency in healthcare, improving older adults’ Quality of Life (QoL). Also, interpreting their needs will allow key stakeholders to optimize the Quality of Service (QoS). The proposed Internet of Health (IoH) framework will encapsulate sustainable and affordable innovative solutions and their benefits for a comfortable, meaningful, and independent life in an intelligent environment. Therefore, the frame mediated by edge computing, in-home and community settings will be able to interact with healthcare networks contributing to hospitalizations and institutional care.

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eHealthPass – The adaptations of eHealthPass to facilitate the SHAPES piloting activities

eHealthPass – Ongoing adaptations to facilitate the Piloting activities of SHAPES

We are excited to announce that the adaptations of the eHealthPass digital solution is successfully progressing to facilitate the piloting activities of SHAPES. In particular, eHealthPass will be used in Pilot theme 3 to facilitate medicine control and optimisation in older individuals with multi-morbidities.

Specifically, the users shall be able to measure regularly their blood glucose level and then observe the values as well as the history of the measurements via the eHealthPass solution. Likewise, the researchers shall be able to monitor remotely the progress of the measurements and intervene when required. In addition, the users will be able to view the medications that need to take daily as well as answer weekly questionnaires about their condition.

With respect to Pilot theme 2 (Improving In-Home and Community-based Care), eHealthPass has been adapted to allow users to register and monitor their daily liquid intake (e.g., water, alcohol, etc) and display relevant notifications. In addition, eHealthPass facilitates the collection of the medical history of the users as well as their socio-demographic information. Certain features of the CovidShield application developed by Gnomon Informatics SA, such as the educational information, have also been integrated in the overall solution. Further adaptation activities are currently in progress to facilitate additional pilots of the SHAPES Project.

eHealthPass – The adaptations of eHealthPass to facilitate the SHAPES piloting activities

Tweet on Alexia’s presentation ‘SHAPES – Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems – Deploying a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform

SHAPES at Ageing Fit

On 1st March 2022, Alexia Zurkuhlen (GEWI) was invited to the Networking and Brokerage Event “Supporting the Uptake of Open Platforms for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) and Active Assisted Living (AAL)” organized by, a coordination and support action that focuses on the larger scale uptake of open platforms in the AHA/AAL domain.

The event took place in the realm of the 3 days hybrid conference “Ageing Fit” that was held in Lille, France. The afternoon session was the opportunity to present and discuss initiatives and experiences that look at what open platform ecosystem are, reasons why to use open platforms, their benefits and the details of specific use cases. Participants to the PlatformUptake session were among others industry stakeholders (startups, SMEs and larger companies) and care organisations, as well as pilot regions.

Alexia’s presentation ‘SHAPES – Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems – Deploying a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform’ was part of the “Overview and experiences from open platforms and solution providers” programme. She introduced the pan European piloting campaign and the use of the platform in the use cases in her own pilot theme (PT 2 “Improving In-Home and Community-based Care”) but also beyond, in the process of replicating other SHAPES use case activities.

An older man reading news on his smartphone.

SHAPES Webinar on March 1, 2023: Learn About €500,000 Open Call

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