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SHAPES Newsletter #9

25 September 2023

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The cover of the SHAPES ninth newsletter. It includes a photo of a group of older people in a streetscape.

SHAPES Newsletter #8

27 February 2023

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Image of the February 2023 SHAPES newsletter number 8. The image is of a nurse in a purple gown checking the wrist of an older man who is sitting down on a red chair

SHAPES Newsletter #7

28 September 2022

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Front page of the 7th SHAPES newsletter with a photo of a woman using a mobility device being assisted by a robot

SHAPES Newsletter #6

31 March 2022

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Image showing the SHAPES newsletter #6 for March 2022. This includes the SHAPES logo and social media icons. At the bottom of the image is a photo of two pepple one is being shown a mobile phone.

SHAPES Newsletter #5

29 November 2021

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SHAPES newsletter cover for november featuring shapes logo and a photo of a stone cabin on a grassy hill

SHAPES Newsletter #4

5 July 2021

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Cover Image of SHAPES newsletter 4 featuring two people in front of a wall

SHAPES Newsletter #3

26 February 2021

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The cover of the SHAPES third newsletter, featuring two people on a laptop by a fireplace and the beginning of the editorial section

SHAPES Newsletter #2

30 November 2020

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An image of the 2nd SHAPES newsletter

SHAPES Newsletter #1

23 June 2020

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shapes newsletter 1st page preview