Open Calls

Project Deliverables


These documents contain information which is proprietary to the SHAPES consortium. Neither these documents nor the information contained herein shall be used, duplicated or communicated by any means to any third party, in whole or parts, except with the prior written consent of the SHAPES coordinator.

D1.31SHAPES Innovation and Knowledge
Directory First Draft
D1.51Project Management and CoordinationCCSPDF
D2.12Understanding Older People: Lives, Communities and Contexts NUIMPDF
D2.22Understanding Older People: Lives, Communities and Contexts AELTDPDF
D2.42Empowerment of Older Individuals in Health and Care Decision-makingAGEPDF
D2.52SHAPES Personas and Use Cases V1UPPDF
D2.62 SHAPES Personas and Use Cases V2UPPDF
D2.72 Understanding the Lifeworld of Older Individuals and
Improving Smart and Healthy Living
D3.13Ecological Organisational Models of Health and
Care Systems for Ageing
D3.23Scaling-up Improved Integrated Care Service Delivery V1AIASPDF
D3.33Scaling-up Improved Integrated Care Service DeliveryAIASPDF
D3.43SHAPES Pan-European Integrated Care Policy-making GuidelinesAGEPDF
D3.53 Initial SHAPES Collaborative Governance
D3.73Draft User Requirements for the SHAPES Platform V1FhGPDF
D3.83Draft User Requirements for the SHAPES
Platform V2
D3.93Final User Requirements for the SHAPES
D4.14SHAPES Technological Platform (TP)
Requirements and Architecture
D4.24SHAPES TP Development Tools and Capabilities ToolkitICOMPDF
D4.34Integration Plan and Test CasesICOMPDF
D4.64SHAPES Interoperability Reference Testing EnvironmentGNOPDF
D5.15SHAPES User Experience and GuidelinesUAVRPDF
D5.25SHAPES Digital Solutions V1TREEPDF
D5.35SHAPES Digital Solutions V2EDGEPDF
D5.45SHAPES Digital Solutions V3GNOPDF
D6.16SHAPES Market Analysis and Strategy DefinitionFhGPDF
D6.26Smart Living Environment for Healthy Ageing at Home Pilot Activities ReportCCS & CHPDF
D6.36Improving In-Home and Community-based Care Pilot Activities ReportGEWIPDF
D6.46Medicine Control and Optimisation Pilot Activities ReportNHSCTPDF
D6.56Psycho-social and Cognitive Stimulation Promoting Wellbeing Pilot Activities ReportUAVRPDF
D6.66Caring for Older Individuals with Neurodegenerative Diseases – Pilot Activities ReportUPORTOPDF
D6.76Physical Rehabilitation at HomeUCLMPDF
D6.86Cross-border Health Data Exchange Supporting Mobility and Accessibility for Older Individuals - Pilot Activities Report5YPEPDF
D7.17SHAPES Market Analysis and Strategy DefinitionEDGEPDF
D7.47SHAPES MarketplaceHMUPDF
D8.18Set-up Ethical Advisory BoardLAUREAPDF
D8.28Baseline for SHAPES Project EthicsLAUREAPDF
D8.38SHAPES Legal, Ethics, Privacy and Fundamental Rights ProtectionNUIMPDF
D8.48SHAPES Ethical Framework V1LAUREAPDF
D8.58First Periodic Ethical ReportLAUREAPDF
D8.68Second Periodic Ethical ReportsLAUREAPDF
D8.78Third Periodic Ethical ReportLAUREAPDF
D8.98Privacy and Ethical Risk AssessmentLAUREAPDF
D8.108Privacy and Ethical Risk AssessmentLAUREAPDF
D8.118Privacy and Data Protection Legislation in SHAPESLAUREAPDF
D8.138SHAPES Data Management PlanLAUREAPDF
D8.148SHAPES Ethical Framework V2LAUREAPDF
D9.19SHAPES Ecosystem Building, Findings and BreakthroughsCCSPDF
D9.49Open Calls for Innovation and Collaboration –
Rules of Participation
D9.59SHAPES Open Calls for Innovation and Collaboration – Publication, Evaluation and Selection ProcessICOMPDF
D10.110Dissemination and Communication PlanAGEPDF
D10.210SHAPES Outreach, Dissemination and Communication Activities V1UAVRPDF
D10.410SHAPES Outreach, Dissemination and Communication Activities V1AGEPDF
D10.610SHAPES Dialogue Workshops – V1 – V1.0AGEPDF