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Project Deliverables


These documents contain information which is proprietary to the SHAPES consortium. Neither these documents nor the information contained herein shall be used, duplicated or communicated by any means to any third party, in whole or parts, except with the prior written consent of the SHAPES coordinator.

D2.52SHAPES Personas and Use Cases V1UPPDF
D3.73Draft User Requirements for the SHAPES Platform V1FhGPDF
D5.15SHAPES User Experience and GuidelinesUAVRPDF
D6.16SHAPES Pan-European Pilot Campaign PlanFhGPDF
D8.18Set-up Ethical Advisory BoardLAUREAPDF
D8.28Baseline for SHAPES Project EthicsLAUREAPDF
D8.48SHAPES Ethical FrameworkLAUREAPDF
D8.138SHAPES Data Management PlanLAUREAPDF
D10.110Dissemination and Communication PlanAGEPDF