Insight into the lives of the people of SHAPES



#SHAPESStories explore the personal, social and technological needs of older adults and their families

In #SHAPESStories we provide a window on the real human beings who are the reason for, and the creators of, a “SHAPES platform”. Here you will find the older people who spend many hours sharing their lives with our ethnographic researchers telling us about their lives, hopes and fears. You will also see how men and women in more than a dozen countries across Europe bring high quality health and social care to older people, their families and their communities, as well as how they introduce and assess new technology to make these services work better for their users. You will also view how SHAPES technicians and engineers, committed to discovering and or adapting appropriate technologies to improve the lives of older people, connect their expertise to real-world problems.

Editors: David Prendergast, A. Jamie Saris and Katja Seidel (Maynooth University)