Smart and Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in supportive Systems
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November 2021

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“Listen to people concerned by innovation!”:

SHAPES takes up the challenge

What if us, older people, stopped the work we are doing voluntarily, just for one day? Then maybe society would realise how big our contribution is!”. Joke, an older woman from AGE Platform Europe’s member Older Women’s Network in the Netherlands, is passionate about challenging the prejudices many hold against older people and ageing. “When I turned 75 I discovered my insurance price had increased. I hadn't had a single accident over the decades! It changed just because of my ageFor older people society uses the word 'still'. 'Can she still drive?', 'Can she still go out?'. Avoid it please!".

Joke shared her experience of ageing at our 4th online Dialogue Workshop, which we organised on 26 October. Under the title “Diversity and empowerment: understanding the realities of older people”, we exposed the challenges, hopes and wishes of the people SHAPES strives to deliver positive impact for. Well-attended by over 100 participants, the workshop was fully accessible for people with deafblindness and had simultaneous interpretation into Spanish, German and Italian.

Like Joke, Mark Wheatley from the European Union of the Deaf called on addressing the challenges people face as we age: "Barriers that deaf people face as they age are even bigger. To address them, ask older people themselves: their experiences, their issues. Work with them! Social isolation is a huge problem – and we need to tackle it”. Sanja Tarczay, from the World Federation of the Deafblind, insisted on the importance of ending invisibility and taboos around ageing and disability: “Many people ignore the reality of deafblindness. They ignore even more the barriers as we age with deafblindness. As we grow older, there is no enough support available. And 2/3 of deafblind people are older!".

We planned our workshop as a timely moment to ensure a genuine dialogue with older people and people with disabilities. We shared our #SHAPESstories, which are part of our efforts to know the people we are working for. And had the chance to discuss with research and policy partners that can work with us to improve the quality of life of older people through innovation and partnerships.

We are working hard with our partners to make sure we close the potential gaps between the realities of older people and the technologies we design”, said Maciej Kucharczyk, Secretary-General of AGE Platform Europe, lead organiser of the workshop. “Let’s call our own thoughts and attitudes into question to make sure what we do and say helps everyone live as equals!”. A challenge SHAPES is taking up.


The organizers of the 4th SHAPES Dialogue Workshop
AGE Platform Europe, Belgium

Image of a older woman. Text in the image: Older people are diverse. We must put this diversity at the core of innovation. Help us understand how best to do it. AGE Platform Europe and SHAPES logos. Diversity & Empowerment Workshop: Understanding the realities of older people #SHAPESdialogue. 10:00-13:00 CET 26th October 2021. With simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, German, Italian and Sign Language.
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25th November 2021
24th November 2021
The completion of the design and preparation process of the Use Case ‘’LLM Care Health and Social Care Ecosystem for Cognitive and Physical training’’.
23rd November 2021
Welcome, Kompaï! Visit of the robot Kompaï in the SHAPES - pilot- region Oberbergischer Kreis!
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SHAPES Promotional Video #2
Screenshot of a scene from SHAPES Promotional Video #2. Image description: On the left side of the screen there is an animation with seniors performing daily routine activities. On the right side of the screen appears the map of the European Union with the 10 countries that will participate in the SHAPES Pan-European Pilots campaign. Text in the image: To do so, SHAPES implements a Pan-European Pilot Campaign, where small and large scale pilots test and.
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SHAPES Digital Solutions
PILOT THEME 3, phase 3 begins
3rd November 2021
Social robotic application to support active and healthy ageing
2nd November 2021
10th June 2021
Clinical and Wellbeing Decision Support System
27th May 2021
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18th November 2021
VivaTech event, June 16th to 19th 2021!
5th November 2021
SHAPES partners present at the 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care 2021
26th October 2021
SHAPES participation in the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing workshop, 20th October 2021!
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SHAPES Publications
24th November 2021
SHAPES project presentation at HCI International 2021
2nd November 2021
Social robotic application to support active and healthy ageing
1st November 2021
IoT cloud-based framework using of smart integration to control the spread of COVID-19
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Upcoming Events

Envisioning, Innovating, and Investing for Active and Healthy Ageing:

Who Decides?

1st December 2021 (10:00 Irish/GMT / 11:00 Central European)

National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM), Ireland

Institut fur Gesundheitswirtschaft (GEWI), Germany

NUIM and GEWI are co-hosting a focus group event to explore degrees of participation in decision-making processes in health and social care environments increasingly enabled by technology.

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