Open Calls

Diversity and empowerment:
understanding the realities of older people

Workshop Details


10:00 to 13:00 (CET), 26th October 2021


Virtual Zoom Webinar Call Organised by AGE Platform Europe


Our ever-changing world makes us face numerous challenges, many of which affect our quality of life, personal health and care systems. Replying to those challenges requires a comprehensive and yet detailed understanding of each individual and the real-life contexts in which people live.

Do you feel you master your well-being? Are you at the driving seat regarding the way you are catered for?

Understanding ageing in its complexity is the ethos of the Horizon2020-funded SHAPES project, developing a whole organizational, structural, social, and technological ecosystem for ageing well.

This workshop will be a dialogue between older people, people with disabilities, academics, researchers and the general public. By exposing the lived realities of older people and people with disabilities, the workshop will seek to challenge prejudices around ageing. It will exhort participants to get closer to people’s realities and experiences. The workshop will show the ways in which SHAPES is working hard to respond to users’ needs, as illustrated by the #SHAPESstories.

Any question? Please contact and, AGE Platform Europe, phone number 0032 2 280 14 70.


The workshop will be in English. Interpretations in Italian, Spanish, German are being considered and are to be confirmed.

English sign language interpretation will be available.


Time Zone: CET

10:00  Welcome and introduction to the workshop

10:10  The various shapes of SHAPES (Mac MacLachlan, NUIM, 10 min)

10:20  Understanding ageing and disabilities:

  • AGE representative (5 min)
  • WFDB representative (5 min)
  • EUD representative (5 min)

Q&A (15 min)

10:50  Real-life stories shaping lives, individuals and societies

  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3
  • Case study 4

Q&A (15 min) 

11:45 15-min break

12:00  Panel on understanding people’s lives, communities, and contexts

Q&A (30 min)

12:50 Wrap-up and conclusions (AGE, 10 mins)