Vicomtech has developed an eHealth Software Development Toolkit (eHST), under which different clinical and wellbeing protocols and guidelines can be rapidly prototyped and triggered through a rule engine to provide timely and latest evidence-based recommendations in a personalized way.

Aiming at facilitating the step of formalizing any kind of guidelines from paper-based documents to computer interpretable rules, Vicomtech provide a user-friendly interface through which the knowledge will be introduced and transferred to a rule engine to have it ready for any evaluable user.

Not only that, Vicomtech’s authoring tool of rules also allows the modification, update, and validation of the formalized knowledge to maintain it aligned with the latest evidence or sought wellbeing objectives.

It leans on a domain ontology, which is defined once for each analysed domain, using standardized terminologies such as SNOMED CT or LOINC, to make the system as standardized and reusable as possible, and easing the understandability and communication with the incoming data, the formalized knowledge, and the provided recommendations.

For more information click here to view a video on Youtube.