Why is Kompaï a good tool for walking rehabilitation?

The difference between walking and pushing;

With a classical walker, people who have difficulty walking, have to push the device and walk with it.

Why do they need help walking? They might have pain, are too tired to walk alone or don’t have enough strength to walk independently.

The robot Kompaï is more than just a simple walker. In the beginning, Kompaï is like a walking assistant. Users will place their hands on Kompaï’s bars and begin to walk.

Kompaï will send a little pulse at the beginning of the walk, the robot uses this to keep track of the User’s legs movements. Like the steering wheels on your car, the User guides the robot by turning the bar to the right and left. There is also a laser at the level of the User’s legs. This laser detects the leg movements and adapts itself to the User’s speed. Additionally, the User can control the robot’s speed according to what they want or need, driving whilst Kompaï assists them.

What is walking autonomy?

Walking autonomy is being able to walk alone, independently and with the choice of where to go.

By helping people regain their walking autonomy, we can afford them the possibility of living longer with an improved quality of life.

Walking is a crucial exercise for many people, especially as they become older. Kompaï can help people regain their love for long walks while helping to improve their heart, lungs and overall standard of living.