On 19th January 2023, gewi – Institute for healthcare studies (GEWI) was invited to the “Tec.Meet.Ing.” an annual networking event organized by VDI (Verein Deutsche Ingenieure / Association of German Engineers), to support exchange and inspiration regarding the latest technological innovations.


The event took place at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany. The afternoon session was the opportunity to present and discuss initiatives and experiences in the field of technological developments and its potential for society. Participants were among other industry stakeholders (startups, SMEs and larger companies) as well as representatives from educational and research as well as regional authorities.


Gewi introduced the pan European piloting campaign, presented several digital solutions developed in the SHAPES project and their use in the use cases of the pilot theme (PT 2 “Improving In-Home and Community-based Care”) but also beyond, in the process of replicating other SHAPES use case activities. We fostered many good contacts during the afternoon and evening with interested members of VDI.


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