All IP owned by applicants, remains their property and there is no requirement to transfer it to SHAPES project. SHAPES project requests only that it is licensed to use solutions (in usable form) that applicants expect to integrate with SHAPES Marketplace to its consortium members for free for evaluation purposes until the end of their project. Afterwards any further use will be subject to individual (e.g. commercial) agreements between the applicant and any organization from SHAPES consortium or external to it. Regarding access to part of work conducted by applicant and funded by EC as part of the SHAPES Open Call, this is expected to be open for public as Open Access (“Creative Commons” license). Therefore, applicants need to clearly state in their proposal which part of their work will be performed using their own funds and hence not publicly available, and which part of the work would be funded by SHAPES Open Call and hence subject to Open Access dissemination. Examples of the latter ones can include e.g. APIs and SDKs allowing integration of applicant solutions into 3rd party systems (subject to applicable licensing agreements), examples of code built to integrate applicant solution with SHAPES Marketplace etc. Examples of such components can be found on SHAPES GitHub at:

In case of any further questions, we suggest to attend the webinar on the 1st of March 2023, detail so which can be found at: .