SHAPES project was presented due to the presentation of the paper Cultivate Smart and Healthy Ageing and it is acknowledged within the corresponding chapter in the IoT Technologies for HealthCare by Springer.


The essential criterion for developing an intelligent age-friendly environment is evaluating and monitoring the provision of services. Our research aims to allow the deployment of a broad range of digital healthcare solutions interconnected in an IoT network ecosystem. Through their interoperability, we will be able to cultivate age-friendly smart homes for older adults. Thus, we will enable interpreted living and wellbeing. The intelligent integrations of digital solutions will allow the acquisition and evaluation of health-related data. Standardization, interoperability and scalability of the integration will increase efficiency in healthcare, improving older adults’ Quality of Life (QoL). Also, interpreting their needs will allow key stakeholders to optimize the Quality of Service (QoS). The proposed Internet of Health (IoH) framework will encapsulate sustainable and affordable innovative solutions and their benefits for a comfortable, meaningful, and independent life in an intelligent environment. Therefore, the frame mediated by edge computing, in-home and community settings will be able to interact with healthcare networks contributing to hospitalizations and institutional care.

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