SHAPES partner EDGENEERING (EDGE) participated in the health & care cluster meeting, representing SHAPES, on 9 and 10 March in Lisbon, Portugal. At the meeting, there were also representatives of other Large-scale Pilot (LSP) projects, EHTEL as the Coordinator of the Cluster and Dr. Christopher Klein from the EU Commission.

At the meeting, participants discussed the future of the cluster and how to continue offering a synergetic platform to support ongoing and future LSP projects, hence responding to the Horizon Europe wish to have projects identifying/exchanging critical resources and developing “synergies with other relevant initiatives”.

The cluster also agreed on basic functioning mechanisms and inclusion criteria to guarantee that the initiative keeps on bringing value to its stakeholders. In addition, an effort will be made to identify new opportunities to connect the Health Cluster with a number of existing networks, such as the Active and Healthy Ageing Community or the Digital Innovation Hub. Lastly, the meeting allowed for reflections on how future projects can join forces to guarantee an optimal dissemination and exploitation of their results from an early stage.