Project SHAPES is now in phase 5. To date, four pilots have been carried out in two use cases in three different countries – Spain, Italy and Greece. In more detail these were:

PT1 (004) – Smart Living Environment for healthy aging at home

Pilot: CanGranada (Mallorca, residence)

PT4 (002) – Psycho-social and Cognitive Stimulation Promoting Wellbeing

Pilot: Clinica humana (Mallorca, clinic)

Pilot: AUTH (Greece)

Pilot: AIAS (Italy)


We finished the technical development for both use cases, PT4-002 and PT1-004 prototypes for phase 4 of the pilots.


The Main activities that we have carried out are as follows:

– Graphical user interfaces created from scratch

– Integration of the digital solutions via ad-hoc ROS wrappers: VICOM Adilib chatbot, ASAPA authentication, VICOM face recognition, TREE user engagement and fall detection, OMN video calls

– Data logging via the SHAPES data lake


Now PAL Robotics is giving support on-site as well as remotely to the pilots.


The first use case implemented is taking place in Spain, Can Granada, a residence in Mallorca with independent, accessible homes, fully equipped and adapted for people with reduced mobility.


This pilot features our humanoid social robot ARI joining a user in their home to help with daily activities. Here robot ARI is supporting Juana with activities such as providing verbal reminders of tasks, giving news and updates, and being able to offer assistance including calling family members. To prepare for this pilot at Juana’s home, PAL Robotics’ engineers analysed the environment and demonstrated ARI’s different capabilities as a home robot to those involved.


During the pilot the robot ARI carries out the following tasks:

– Visualising the agenda of the day

– Sending alerts to caregivers, or signing up for care-home events such as movies

– Video calling

– Playing games (puzzles, solitaire, or finding matching pairs)

– Information about the care-home facility (a request from phase 2 mock-ups)

– Filling in the weekly menu (a request from phase 2 mock-ups)

– Voice-based assistant

– Emotion recognition via TREE Technology

– Detecting and monitoring falls


In phase 5, the two use cases continue to carry out their implementations. Involved here is the first use case at Can Granada and second use case with three pilots at the following locations: AUTH (Greece), AIAS (Italy) and Clinica Humana (Spain).


The first pilot of the second use case took place at Clinica Humana which was previously implemented and is still running together with the AIAS pilot. The other pilots are still ongoing and final stage of these will start very soon. All of the pilots are expected to be completed by the end of May 2023.


The main objective of the use cases is to evaluate the user engagement and self-perceived usefulness of a digital solution developed to assist older people in cognitive activities, amongst others. The digital solution used in phase 5 is SciFy’s DiAnoia and Memor-i games integrated within PAL Robotics’ humanoid social robot, ARI.


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