HMU’s Dr. Evangelos K. Markakis participated in the ELECTRON International event in Baku, 5th – 7th of December, 2022.

The theme of the event was Energy Crisis & Cybersecurity.

Energy crisis and Cybersecurity are currently threatening the very existence of Europe and the world. In particular, the energy crisis has profound implications for international peace and stability.

Digitalizing critical infrastructure and the energy industry is at the core of all major initiatives, while cybersecurity awareness is rising now more than ever. Energy companies, providers, and services are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially during the current energy crisis, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can significantly reduce cyber-related risks.

In this event, Dr. Evangelos K. Markakis presented the SHAPES marketplace, the SHAPES ASAPA component and the SHAPES SAaaS component.

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