For this use case in a community care setting, KOM proposes to evaluate night surveillance to regularly monitor residents who wander at night and to relieve caregivers of this non-added value task.


Indeed, the surveillance rounds can be programmed at well-defined departure times during the night during which the robot patrols and alerts the caregivers if it encounters a person in a corridor or if it detects a person lying on the floor. The caregivers will be able to receive the alert on their tablet to remove the doubt and to acknowledge this alert so that the robot can continue its patrol.


Also, to answer the request of the scientific officer on the possibility of answering the fight against the propagation of the COVID19, KOM proposed 2 options on this same robot, thanks to its multifunctionality:


1- autonomous disinfection of areas (patient room, corridor, restaurant, …) through a trailer equipped with UV lamps that can be towed by the robot and allowing this disinfection function through a dedicated application.


2- sentinel function which consists in putting the robot at the entrance of the nursing home to be able to sort out the entrants according to their suspicion of infection through the measurement of their body temperature with the help of a thermal camera embedded on the robot.


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