For this use case KOM propose to evaluate the rehabilitation of walking in people who have lost their mobility following a stroke, accident or other.


The guided walking function proposed by the Kompai robot will be used for this purpose. Indeed, it is through a path defined by the physiotherapists (see figure below) that the patient can walk with the robot that they will be able to measure a certain number of parameters that can inform them on the evolution or not of the walking in comparison to the data recorded the previous times.


Typical circuit used for walking rehabilitation

Typical circuit used for walking rehabilitation


The parameters that are recorded by the robot during the execution of the walk are:

– The date;

– An identifier to recognize the patient;

– The route chosen for the session;

– Distance covered per session (in meters);

– Number of breaks requested during the session;

– Total duration of the breaks per session;

– Total walking time per session (without breaks);

– Speed on each session;

– Emotional state of the patient during the walk.


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