London, 26.10.22. Following endorsement by 20 national standards organisations, the Agile Ageing Alliance (AAA) is staging a Leaders Forum to inform the development of ISO 25553 smart multigenerational neighbourhoods.

AAA has joined forces with UN-Habitat, the United Nations programme for sustainable urban development and Connected Places Catapult, the UK government’s innovation agency for cities, transport and place leadership which share similar agendas.

Central to our mission is a new ISO standard framework and a voluntary code of practice, relating to the design, creation, operation and maintenance of mixed tenure ‘Neighbourhoods that Care’. Where young and old, disabled and able, can co-exist in well-designed technologically enabled housing, with access to bespoke services to help facilitate independent living and enhance wellbeing.

With contributions from expert practitioners and decision makers, representing, public, private, third sectors and academia worldwide, the agenda will cover:

NEW HORIZONS focusing on the development of an open innovation eco-system approach to maximise impact for all; SOCIAL INNOVATION AND PLACEMAKING cultivating an inclusive, mutually-supportive environment to boost health and wellbeing; HOMES FOR HEALTHY AGEING TESTBEDS, find out how your organisation can gain transnational access to research infrastructures and datasets through harmonized processes and common tools; Enabling a step-change in assisted living solutions that level the playing field, socially and economically, for disabled and older people, their families and carers.

HEALTH & CARE INTEROPERABILITY: HOLY GRAIL OR PIPEDREAM? Senior executives from the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, EMIS-X Analytics and Microsoft consider what it will take to overcome the primary challenges barring seamless health information and technical interoperability; REIMAGINING CARE IN THE COMMUNITY; and PRINCIPLES OF CO-EXISTENCE.

AAA’s first physical event in 2 years, will be supported once again by NatWest and staged at the NatWest Conference Centre in the City of London. The Centre has excellent audio-visual facilities, so in addition to the physical event, we aim to create a hybrid virtual experience enabling participation around the world.

We will also be running a workshop where older adults and domain experts will inform the development of a voluntary code of conduct.

Thanks to our partners, attendance -both physical and online – is by invitation only, with no charge. Visit Agile Ageing to view the agenda and register.