The ethics risk management related to the SHAPES platform and solution is based on the SHAPES Ethical Framework and its values, principles and ethical requirements. The identification of ethical risks & challenges and their mitigation/promotion are key issues from the viewpoint of the SHAPES sustainability and acceptance. From risk management point of view, the risk management concerns not only risks but also opportunities.


The risk identification work is done with different stakeholders and in various occasions, including SHAPES 1. dialogue workshop session on ethics, Brainstorming sessions with LAUREA master students on sustainable management, as well as analysis of potential risk with the help of literature analysis on specific topics.


But most importantly, Pilots have conducted DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) including risk identification and mitigation plan. Besides that, pilots have had workshops to identify ethical risks beyond privacy and data protection (this is still ongoing process). The purpose of this work is to analyse and evaluate risks and create mitigate actions. The findings of these workshops will be assessed as pilots go on. Laurea has also sent pilots the Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI) on-line questionnaire that was developed by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Commission to help assess whether the AI system that is being developed, deployed, procured or used in pilots complies with the seven requirements of Trustworthy AI, as specified in Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. This process is also ongoing.


Results and finding are shared with pilots and partners in coming T8.4 meeting, Pilots & Ethics meetings and WP8 meetings. These meetings are also forums for mitigation plan development.