SHAPES project was presented during the “ICC 2022 – IEEE International Conference on Communications, 16-20 May 2022 Seoul, South Korea due to the presentation of the paper entitled “Internal Virus Detection Framework Based on IoT Semantic Interoperability”, with the following abstract:

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality has become increasingly important. The interdisciplinary grouping of academic majors focused on the pursuit of solutions that identify or prevent the airborne transmission and inhalation, initially of Coronavirus and secondarily of viruses such as influenza. Throughout the research work, we aim to contribute by elaborating the teaching-learning technique to select and identify the optimal attributes of viruses’ variants of the indoor atmosphere. The novelty is based on the objective to enable real-time identification of the density of the airborne molecules to prevent virus propagation. Several sensors and systems came into the spotlight by conducting a systematic literature review that, in conjunction with our innovative idea, could construct a revolutionary new solution that could eliminate the risk of exposure to viable viruses. The proposed teaching learning-based attribute selection optimisation is among the most popular bio-inspired meta-heuristic methods. Therefore, evolutionary logic and provocative performance can be widely utilised to solve the aforementioned humanitarian problem. The proposed frame constitutes three pivotal steps: the new update mechanism, the novel method of selecting the principal teacher in the teacher’s phase, and the support vector machine method to compute the fitness function of optimisation.

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