Conversational assistants have enormous potential to help the elderly improve their quality of life in a non-invasive way. Yet, building voice assistants is hard. This process requires a deep knowledge of the technological modules used within the Assistant. The need for this technical knowledge limits the deployment and adoption of these assistants.


To solve this problem, Vicomtech has improved the Adilib assistant creation platform with Skills.


An Adilib Skill is a specific functionality of the Assistant which works as an easy-to-follow recipe and allows to have customizable interactions for similar situations or purposes. The impact of using Skills translates to reducing the time, effort, and required knowledge to tailor a personalized Assistant.


After a thorough analysis of the SHAPES Use Cases’ and their requirements, the following healthcare-oriented Skills have been enabled in SHAPES:

How-To: enables the definition of tutorials to help users in their day-to-day

Questionnaires: enables the creation of questionnaires to collect information of interest from users in a natural way

Agenda: defines calendar events such as medical appointments, drug intakes and social events so that the users can consult their daily activities

Reminders: enables the assistant to initiate the conversation to remind the user of something important at a scheduled time


All of these skills can be easily added as a plug-in for each Assistant that is being developed using Adilib.


Thanks to this innovation, each member of the SHAPES consortium can tailor a personalized assistant to fulfil their users’ needs and improve their quality of life.


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