The SHAPES project was invited to participate in the IN-4-AHA’s First Matchmaking Event, about how SHAPES promotes Active and Healthy Ageing through technology in assisted living.


The Innovation Networks for Scaling Active and Healthy Ageing (IN-4-AHA) is an EU project funded by Horizon 2020 to create networks and liaisons between partners in healthcare, digital innovation, and silver economy. The IN-4-AHA Matchmaking Events are a Project’ solution to scale-up their tested and ready-to-use digital and technical solutions, providing a more efficient uptake of innovation cycle in active and healthy ageing.


From SHAPES Project, the EDGE, LAUREA, and UPORTO presented the SHAPES Platform as a digital and technical solution to empower an Assisted Living facilities for older people lives healthy and active longer, autonomy, and independent.


From EDGE, Bárbara Guerra shared how SHAPES Platform will enable the Assisted Living facilities for older people by improved integrated care organizational and sociotechnical models that will be empowered by the interoperability between different digital and technical solutions (devices, systems). From LAUREA, Sari Sarlio explained how SHARE Platform is being built with a strong ethical and GDPR framework to guarantee the older people’s fundamental rights, the ethical compliance of SHAPES activities, the privacy, and data protection legislation, and the European and EU State-members legislations. From UPORTO, Pedro Rocha described a SHAPES Pan-European and large Pilot Campaign methodology that is being adopted to test and validate SHAPES Platform effectiveness, usability, and impacts (societal, economical, technical), in real-life environments.


This event was an opportunity to extend the SHAPES Ecosystem in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA), through an experts’ enthusiastic forum where SHAPES Project (and Platform) have been receiving good feedback about its role to mediate technology, homes, communities, and health & care organizations and systems, by Assisted Living facilities, among others.