With the ambition of exploring the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in the implementation of innovative solutions for Health, the 1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for Digital Health (AIIOT4DH) was held on 16-18 December 2021, in conjunction with the IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies (IEEE/ACM CHASE 2021).


Marco Manso, EDGE’s CEO, was the invited moderator of a session dedicated to the “Circuits of Care”, during which the audience viewed an excerpt of the film “Circuits of Care” that addresses the impact of the robotic revolution in Japanese society, with a special emphasis in the delivery of high-quality care to the elderly. Panellists from the Dublin University, the Biomedics University of Rome and EDGE animated the ensuing debate that highlighted how technology is a driver for digital transformation in Health, improving the operational effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of care and supporting both patients and healthcare professionals in areas that range from self-management of chronic diseases and medication management to inventory control, the reduction of waiting time in urgency rooms and remote patient monitoring.


In this event, EDGE also presented an article to the session “Digital Twins in eHealth”, produced in co-authorship with the Maynooth University, the Coordinator of the SHAPES Project, titled “Envisioning the Future: Activity-centred CONOPS in the Co-Design of a Sociotechnical System for Healthy Ageing”.


Produced as part of the activities developed in the European project SHAPES, the article addresses a new concept of operations to deal with ageing in the delivery of integrated care. Strongly supported in human factors, the concept envisages the development of a sociotechnical ecosystem that comprises a variety of technological and human solutions that facilitate active, independent, and healthy ageing at home. The emphasis is not only on the selection of services that may be supported by technology but on the decision about which lifestyles we want to promote.


The graphical illustration of the new concept of operations resorts to swimlanes that identify the pathways associated with the delivery of integrated care, considering the multiple interactions of the different stakeholders throughout the different phases of each process. In the article, it is used the remote patient monitoring service, enabled by EDGE’s eCare Platform, one of the technological solutions of SHAPES.


Benefitting from IoT technologies, the eCare Platform allows the non-invasive monitoring of health and wellbeing parameters and enables older persons to be involved in the decision-making of their own healthcare, reinforcing prevention and self-management of chronic diseases. At the same time, healthcare professionals are able to define an adequate care plan, adjust it as needed based on up-to-date information and monitor the patient’s adherence to the defined plan. The swimlanes reflect the definition of a personalised care plan, underlining the permanent dialogue between care recipients and the informal or professional caregivers and identifying the key decision points associated with the gathering, processing, and presentation of care data by the eCare Platform.


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