SHAPES project was presented during the “IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks” (CAMAD), 26-27 October 2021 // Virtual Conference due to the presentation of the paper entitled “Robust Encryption to Enhance IoT Confidentiality for Healthcare Ecosystems”, with the following abstract:

Within the foreseeable future, it is evident that IoT networks in healthcare demand a better quality of service in terms of confidentiality and accessibility. Although, a good fairness quotient is not meeting the required standards yet due to the limited privacy and inaccessibility of the network. We propose a robust encryption method to overcome the traditional terrestrial secure data sharing problems and approach the expected demands. Enabling cryptography in healthcare edge computing systems is a preliminary prerequisite, especially after integrating IoT framework in these ecosystems. Therefore, it is paramount to allow an indispensable tool for secure data exchange among digital devices embedded through the network. Therefore, we elaborate a privacy mechanism based on fundamental mathematics to transfer text information securely throughout our research work. Introducing an innovative cryptography technique that uses a novel category of matrix called circulant matrices aims to operate confidential transmission of text messages. In addition, we modified and integrated an archaic alphanumeric method called Gematria, which derives from the Greek word “geometria”, to assign numerical values to Latin letters.

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