eHealthPass is an innovative, rich patient-centered platform for family health and disease management. It provides health record access, information sharing with professionals, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support, focusing on patient consent and privacy, and alerting any abnormal situation as healthcare professionals define it. It is a mobile-enabled health solution that allows citizens to collect personal and family Medical History Data, share them with selected physicians, and access medical information kept in connected healthcare systems.

eHealthPass – The patient’s platform that empowers data privacy and holistic chronic disease management

The main parts of the application are:

Mobile application for patients

Web application for healthcare professionals

Backend services to support the functionality for patients and healthcare professional’s applications and their connection.

The mobile application of eHealthPass is used by patients and caregivers, who connect with wearable trackers and other IoT devices to monitor various measurements directly (e.g., blood glucose, blood pressure, etc.).

The web application of eHealthPass is used by healthcare professionals or administrators and provides them with the functionality of remotely connecting with a patient. Thus, the healthcare professional can determine a personalized treatment plan and remote monitoring of the patient’s progress. The software’s decision support tool (Alert Rules) notifies healthcare professionals in case of non-adherence or in case some indicators show alarming values defined by them. This aids the managing of care plans in real-time and helps patients be alerted, on time, to take immediate action. Healthcare professionals are responsible for determining the accepted limits and values for each patient.

Patients can be laypersons and use the service to find an efficient, secure and easy way to take control of all their health data and have this information in their own hands. Control of their personal data will empower patients both in their health records and in the general field of eHealth technologies. The shift from a health system centered on providers to one centered on people’s individual needs and preferences has important implications for measuring health system performance.

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