At the end of June, SHAPES’s partners will meet to start a new project pilot in Mallorca.

The PAL Robotics team will bring their social humanoid robot ARI, called ROSA during the project, to Clinica Humana. PAL Robotics is one of the European leaders in the field of Service Robotics and its mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through service robotics and automation technologies.

Clinica Humana (CH) is specialised in the management of chronically ill patients. CH has a strong and recognized expertise in out-of-hospital care of chronically ill patients, backed by more than eight years of experience and have treated more than 1,000 patients in their homes, covering all types of pathologies with a proven satisfactory result which guarantees the quality of life of our patients from their homes.

Based on the adaptations required for the deployment of its digital solution ROSA, PAL Robotics will train employees of CH and patients explaining the tasks that the robot will perform in the pilots. The main goal is to test the robot with older people where we will do hands-on training and have ROSA at older people’ houses, supporting them as a home robot. This pilot will address healthy ageing and independent living through robotics and assistive technologies.

ROSA is a digital nurse that monitors users at home, communicating in natural language and chat. It is used to improve the interactions with their users, provide better care and improve the awareness of their wellbeing. Aside from assisting the users in the daily management of their care, ROSA is aware of the users’ medical conditions, medication and hospital history and can, therefore, provide an interactive dialogue, reminding the users of specific symptoms they should be aware of.

In case an alarm is raised due to unusual parameter readings, ROSA assesses the situation and determines a level of priority, calling for a rapid intervention team to visit the user and deliver prompt care.