On the 27 of April 2021, the 3rd SHAPES Dialogue Workshop took place virtually, gathering more than 200 participants.

This half-a-day event was entitled “Technological platforms and healthy ageing: challenges and opportunities”, in which, representatives from industry, academia, health and care organizations, and civil society participated, focussing on finding out what are the challenges and opportunities faced by stakeholders involved in the active ageing promotion and how technology platforms could help to improve older persons’ quality of life.

The workshop agenda was organised into individual speeches and two panel discussions from 09:00 to 13:30 (CEST).

At 9.00 Juan Carlos Lopez, on behalf of the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) and as Castilla-La Mancha (CLM) coordinator of the SHAPES project, welcomed the attendees and introduced the objectives of the workshop.

Then, Malcolm MacLachlan, coordinator of the SHAPES project, opened the event, briefly introducing the project and the main results obtained to date.

Teresa Riesgo, as Secretary-General for Innovation at Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, explained the Spanish perspective about innovation, technology, and health system.

Antonio Mas, UCLM Vice-rector of Scientific Policy, closed the opening, highlight the academic role in the new technological era.

The first panel started at 10:15, called eHealth technological platforms: Challenges and Opportunities, moderated by Eduardo Carrasco, Vicomtech. It counted with the participation of Artur Krukowski, SHAPES Technological Platform; Marco Manso, Edgeneering; Rafael Maestre, Pharaon project; and Francisco Flórez, GoodBrother project. In the discussion were debated aspects such as the strengths and weaknesses of technological platforms for integrated care and healthy and active ageing, the interoperability of information and technology and privacy, and security.

After a break, the second panel began at 12:00, entitled A multidisciplinary reflection for synergy identification around healthy and independent living of older individuals, moderated by Sonja Grigoleit, Fraunhofer INT. In this panel participated Cristina Bescos, EIT Health Spain; Elizabeth Mestheneos, 50plus Hellas; Benigno Lacort, Atenzia; and Pedro Abizanda, Albacete University Hospital. The main output was to understand the different concerns, points of view, and needs of the stakeholders involved in health and care delivery, highlighting with special attention the desires of the potential consumers, older people.

The closure counted with Ricardo Cuevas, Director General for Universities, Research and Innovation, Regional Government of CLM; Eladio Linares, CLM Health Service; and Ismael García, UCLM Vice-rector of Digital Transformation and Strategy. They all agreed on the relevance of technology to promote a healthy and active life for European citizens. Also, they highlighted the role of public organizations in promoting technological and innovative advances.

The workshop was organised by the University of Castilla-La Mancha, with the support of AGE Platform Europe.

Language and subtitles: English and Spanish.

Interpreting: International Sign language.

If you are interested in seeing the event again, please do so here: #3 Dialogue Workshop (ENGLISH) – YouTube