EDGE’s eCare is a personalised care intelligence platform that delivers the remote monitoring of health and wellbeing parameters of users or patients at home who live with a chronic condition requiring periodic or permanent monitoring or who have undergone a medical intervention and need further observation.

Through the eCare Platform, health and social care professionals are able to easily and efficiently remotely monitor the health and wellbeing parameters of a large number of patients under their care, by means of intuitive dashboards and rich visualisation tools that allow following the evolution of the patients’ condition, highlight localised risks of relapse or hospitalisation and receive alerts in case any patient symptoms become severe and their condition worsens, thus warranting the adjustment of medication, the change of treatment, immediate phone contact or hospitalisation.

Through a friendly eCarer dashboard, care professionals are able to remotely monitor their patients’ vital signs (temperature, heart rate, blood glucose level, blood pressure and oxygen saturation), physical measurements (height, weight, body mass index), health data (medication and side effects, allergies, conditions, symptoms) and lifestyle and wellbeing data (habits, diet and nutrition, mood, sleep quality, physical activity). These parameters are automatically or manually collected via health and medical devices and wearables; moreover, the eCare App allows individuals to answer simple and short questionnaires and feedback forms on symptoms, medication adherence, sleep quality and quality of life. The intelligent monitoring features of eCare optimise patient monitoring, allowing care professionals to easily identify all their patients’ status and the attention they require, at all times.

Aside from convenience and affordability, eCare’s adoption as a remote patient monitoring system brings significant benefits for both care providers and care recipients: there is a significant reduction of paperwork and service use (reduced hospital admissions and A&E attendance), preventative approaches are heightened, patient independence and health literacy are promoted, treatment compliance is bolstered and the confidence in care delivery dramatically increases. As a result, health outcomes are significantly improved and the overall quality of care rises.

The eCare Platform will support the Pan-European Pilot Campaign of the SHAPES Project, which will undergo for 24 months and involve 15 pilot sites from 10 European countries and more than 2000 older individuals. This effort will clearly demonstrate how eCare supports and extends the autonomy and independence of older individuals in home settings.