Chatbots are human-machine interfaces that allow having interactions using text written in natural language. One of the main advantages of chatbots is that they make it easier to communicate with software and applications. Thanks to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, they can understand what the end user is saying, highly reducing the learning and technology adoption curve.

This is especially relevant within the SHAPES project, since a natural and friendly interface is necessary in the gerontological domain. Using text or voice, a chatbot can help people with their daily activities, for instance, giving reminders, and performing control questionnaires.

Vicomtech’s Adilib digital solution is a framework to build, train, maintain and monitor chatbots for several languages. Its NLP module enables to train and configure multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand the users’ enquiries and adapt them to any task. The Dialogue Manager is ready to contextualize the interactions according to external information for more intelligent conversations. Finally, the response generation module allows to personalize the responses given by the chatbot, allowing a unique and natural experience for the users.

Since it can be deployed on-premise, the Adilib platform gives full control of the generated data, ensuring the privacy of the users.