Tree Technology (TREE) brings expertise in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. TREE works analysing data, giving them meaning and the possibility of extracting knowledge.

One of the goals of TREE Technology in SHAPES project is to produce novel human-interpretable information from the IoT devices data. TREE manages the storage of data for subsequent processing and extraction of knowledge. Thanks to the application of statistics and machine learning models, TREE provides information that allows medical and healthcare professionals a better understanding of the data for optimal assessment of their patients.

IoT devices not only allow better monitoring of the elderly’s health, but also the remote control of those who live independently. The analytics pursue a complete follow-up of the patients to assess their quality of life. It is possible to evaluate their levels of physical activity or their sleep quality. TREE also offers solutions to assess the normal development of the daily activities at home and to detect abnormal behaviours to alert their caregivers.

TREE pursues a correct data management that contributes to a more efficient health model and improvement of the quality of life of older people.

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