Talk and Play is an application created by SciFY ( for people with simultaneous speech and motor disabilities (e.g., due to accident and/or cerebral palsy). It allows people with such disabilities to communicate, listen to music, watch movies, and improve their cognitive functions. Talk and Play application has been designed and developed in cooperation with special occupational therapists to make it user-friendly.

In Greece, Talk and Play has exceeded 900+ beneficiaries and is currently being used by most of the key Greek rehabilitation institutions.

Talk and Play application is fully customisable. An occupational therapist/caregiver can:

  • create multiple profiles;
  • customise the interaction mode for each profile (mouse / switch / keyboard);
  • create new communication cards and customise the communication module;
  • create new variations of the cognitive stimulation games;
  • customise the difficulty of the mental stimulation games.

SciFY will adapt Talk and Play to suit the SHAPES project’s objectives. The new Talk and Play application (adapted version) will be available in three (3) languages and will allow full customization to the users’ needs, automatically, considering each user’s profile. SciFY will create a marketplace component that will allow contributors (e.g., occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists) to create mental stimulation exercises and new communication cards for Talk and Play, thus continuously enriching the available content.