One of the goals pursued at SHAPES project is the wellbeing assessment of older persons through the use of IoT devices, such as activity trackers.

TREE Technology offers solutions for the evaluation of the levels of physical activity and sleep quality of the participants through the analysis of data extracted from these devices. The raw data extracted is not directly interpretable, so TREE Technology develops data cleaning, processing and visualization tasks to make them human-interpretable. The main goal is to be able to recognize the main events related to daily activities. In order to provide measures to assess the physical activity performed by a participant, it is important to provide a classification of physical activity. This classification is based on the recognition of walking periods (under different intensities), physical activity related to the activities of daily living (in-home environment) and sedentary periods. Thanks to this information, it is possible to evaluate the levels of physical activity and its intensity level.

It is also possible to extract important information related to sleep quality such as the number of hours of sleep, the number and duration of sleep interruptions or the relationship between the number of hours in bed and the number of hours of sleep. For the sleep quality assessment TREE provides an index as a summary measure for a general evaluation.

All this analytical work not only contributes to the wellbeing assessment but also allows other partners to use this information to check the achievement of recommendations or the detection of abnormal values or trigger alerts.