Pluralism in news is not a luxury; we all need to be updated based on different news sources. Yet, no one has lots of time to spend reading the same piece of news from multiple media. NewSum application created by SHAPES project’s partner SciFY ( automatically summarizes information from many news sources and combines them in a single text. It gives the main points of all the different information that the user would get if reading all the articles from the used sources.

Using artificial intelligence technology (AI), news are summarized and repeated information is avoided. Users can read news, for instance, related to Europe, Business, and Politics with a pluralistic and minimalistic approach! NewSum application allows the user to:

  • choose from a plethora of news categories;
  • see news, for each category, that were gathered from multiple sources (e.g., news websites, RSS feeds) and summarized by AI;
  • click on an article and see the summary; – see the sources that were used for each news article summary;
  • go to the original articles and read the full texts.

NewSum application also allows customization: the user can select news sources and categories of interest, and get updated news according to his/her preferences. The application is open source and is available in English and Greek for free without ads. The NewSum application will be enriched to incorporate new content, more oriented to the user’s interests, based on local and national news feeds.