ICSee is an application for android smartphones/tablets, created by SciFY (www.scify.org), which processes the image/video of the device’s camera in real-time, applies a series of filters and shows on screen a result that is easier to be read or recognized by people with low vision. To do so, the users just have to point their smartphone/tablet camera towards the place/object that they want to have a better view of, and see on their screen a processed and clearer image. This allows them to be able to read a small text (like the bill or a restaurant menu, the taxi meter fare, or a name on a doorbell).

ICSee is freely available in English and Greek and has exceeded 16.500 downloads worldwide. ICSee offers multiple filters to address different needs. What is equally important is that it is designed from scratch, having people with low vision in mind. Users can listen to the app’s instructions (so they do not have to use menus) and can use gestures to use the app (so they do not have to press buttons). In SHAPES, SciFY will enrich ICSee by adding one new language and allow more users to have an easier everyday life.

Filtered image through the mobile phone camera: We solve problems bringing cutting-edge technology into everyday life for all, for free