Older individuals living at home by themselves are often cared for by an outpatient nursing service or informal caregivers during the day. During the night, however, they are often on their own.

KOMPAI can help detect alarming signals providing a night-time surveillance service. If the robot is inside an older person’s bedroom, he can also help monitoring how the person is sleeping, detect a fall, and make it easier for the older individual to alert someone in case of emergency

KOMPAI can also be connected to various sensors and detect sudden changes in room temperature or, for instance,the appearance of smoke. The connected cameras can facilitate observing whether the older individual is unexpectedly leaving the bedroom or even the apartment/house and could alert a predefined person.

KOMPAI can also assist an older person in necessary movements at night, such as going to the bathroom. Due to the integrated hand bar the user can hold on to the robot and safely be guided to the bathroom and back to bed.

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