diAnia is a free smartphone application created by SciFY (www.scify.org) in collaboration with dementia professionals from Alzheimer Athens. It is aimed at the caregivers of people with mild cognitive impairment and at the early stages of dementia. diAnoia offers practical ways to help people with dementia improve their cognitive functions, their mood, functionality and quality of life. It offers cognitive exercises, ideas for spending quality time together, daily reminders, and allows monitoring the frequency of mental stimulation. Families, caregivers and health professionals have in hand an everyday helper that:

  • offers printable cognitive exercises to work on memory, attention skills, in a familiar way for the elderly (paper and pencil).
  • makes exercises more attractive using storytelling: mental stimulation exercises are incorporated into stories that make exercises fun
  • sends notifications on the smartphone with every day suggestions to spend quality time together;
  • sends reminders about what is important: key points that should not be forget;
  • allows to keep track of the exercises performed (user history).

diAnia is freely available for Android and iOS in Greek. The beneficiaries are estimated to be around 5,500.

SciFY will enrich diAnia to be able to deploy it in three (3) languages. SciFY will also create a marketplace that will allow experts in dementia to create additional content in various languages, and make available this content in the diAnoia Marketplace. This approach will allow that diAnoia’s content will continue to grow.