University Hospital Olomouc has a long-term experience with telemedicine and its own companion software application called Medimonitor for acquisition and aggregation of biomedical signals, from medical devices placed within the patient’s environment. This approach can be used to support treatment of several chronic illnesses. Typical example being diabetes for which glucometers are deployed. Patient can regularly monitor his/her blood glucose levels and share the results automatically via Medimonitor, which is connected to the device using Bluetooth and without any additional patient intervention.

Other use cases are related to chronic heart failure (HF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For each of the use cases several medical devices are deployed. Some of them are common to both: blood pressure monitor and oximeter. Specifically, for HF weight scale, portable ECG and smartwatch are added. For COPD use case a portable spirometer and smart inhaler is added. As a part of SHAPES project, the Medimonitor will be improved by predictive models designed by VICOMTECH and Tree Technology to avoid HF decompensations and COPD exacerbations, respectively

Screenshot of FNOL’s telemedicine application called Medimonitor which shows several separated tiles indicating a name of physician and his clinic, together with patient’s name. Another group of tiles allows to request for another prescription or teleconsultation, together with an information about upcoming teleconsultation.