The Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) has published a paper entitled “Shaping the future of digitally enabled care” in a Special Issue of Pharmacy journal on Digital Solutions to Improve Medicines Management. The paper is a communication style article that describes and discusses the current and planned research activities of the Medicines Control and Optimisation pilot theme within the SHAPES pan-European pilot campaign, with a particular focus on the specific use case that is being piloted at NHSCT and replicated at the University of Nicosia Research Foundation (UNRF).

The paper was the result of a great collaboration between pilot sites and technical partners within Pilot Theme 3 and showcases the tremendous effort that has gone into developing and defining the SHAPES pilot methodology thus far. The authors of the published paper include Sonja Grigoleit, Work Package 6 pilot leader (Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis), pilot site representatives Óscar Villacañas (Clínica Humana), Andreas Andreou (UNRF) and Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis (UNRF), and technical partners Bárbara Guerra (EDGENEERING), Marco Manso (EDGENEERING), and Nekane Larburu (Vicomtech). The authors from NHSCT were Maureen Spargo, Nicola Goodfellow, Claire Scullin, Glenda Fleming and Michael Scott.

Pharmacy is an international scientific peer-reviewed open access journal on pharmacy education and practice published quarterly online by MDPI. This paper is the first to be published in the journal’s Special Issue on Digital Solutions to Improve Medicines Management, which aims to share research on the design or evaluation of digital solutions to improve medication management, particularly for the growing number of people receiving home health care. The work being conducted by the SHAPES consortium with regards to medicines optimisation aligns very well to the aims of the issue and NHSCT greatly appreciate the opportunity to share their work at this early stage of the pilot.


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