SciFY has been working on SHAPES Pilot 2 – “Healthcare System for Cognitive and Physical training”. In this pilot, we will work on improving in-home and community-based care, providing an appropriate home setting for those needing care through a specialised nursing service.

SciFY is working closely with the Pilot Leader AUTH and other SHAPES partners involved in this task, to prepare crucial elements before the kick-off, namely:

    – Describing in detail “who we are working for” so that we do not lose focus. Therefore, we are creating “personas” describing SHAPES end-users;

    – Setting a common language for partners and participants, so that we are all “on the same page” and understand each other. Therefore, we are describing the “scenario definitions”;

    – Deciding the expected benefits for the end-users and how we will measure success. Therefore we are describing the Key Performance indicators (KPIs);

    – Describing how digital solutions will work and perform. Therefore we are detailing functional and technical specifications.

Pilot leaders are providing useful feedback to enhance the user experience and presenting solutions that address users’ problems in a more comprehensive manner and that will allow us to achieve the best outcome from SHAPES users.