On October 29, 2020, Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH hosted the 2nd SHAPES Dialogue Workshop, which focused on integrated care and user perspectives.

With a total of 124 registered participants and an average of 60 participants connected during the day, the virtual workshop was a dynamic and well-attended event that brought together the SHAPES consortium and stakeholders from across Europe.

The workshop, which was fully accessible, began with YouTube sessions covering the key challenges in the area of integrated care. Participants were able to exchange during the sessions via a live chat. These covered SHAPES work in the field of integrated care, including reflections on the challenges for implementation and how SHAPES will contribute to tackling them. All these sessions can be retrieved in our YouTube channel.

The workshop included four parallel interactive workshops, organised four times simultaneously to allow participants to join all of them. These sessions in the small format allowed participants to contribute to discussions with their own experiences and knowledge. The variety of participants and a good mix of both SHAPES partners and external stakeholders allowed for fruitful exchanges of views.

These parallel discussions addressed four topics:

1) Good Practice Examples of Integrated Care, Lessons Learned and Future Concepts;

2) User Perspectives on Integrated Care;

3) Scaling up solutions for integrated care;

4) Disrupting Disintegration – Constructing a new mindset for caring.

The outcomes of these discussions are available in our Workshop Summary.

The Dialogue Workshop was a great opportunity for SHAPES to explore new ideas and practices, facilitate exchanges and discuss our work within the consortium and with externals. Organised following a 4-week SHAPES awareness campaign in social media under the hashtags #SHAPESDialogue and #IntegratedCare, the workshop contributed critically to SHAPES efforts to gain visibility in the landscape of European health and care initiatives.

This was the 2nd of a total of 8 Dialogue Workshops that we will be organising during the project lifespan. The next is set to take place in April 2021, hosted by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), on the SHAPES Technological Platform.

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