Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients face the risk of infection on their way to see a doctor or visit a hospital. To avoid this risk, University Hospital Dresden uses a GDPR-compliant video consultation service for medical doctor-patient communication. The Dresden based SMEs MedicalSyn and Carus Consilium Sachsen jointly developed this video consultation service, which received very positive feedback from patients and medical professionals.

Within the scope of SHAPES pilot theme 1, this technical solution will be used for the use case “Overcoming the fear of digital technologies – competent usage of technologies and problem-solving in the community” to enable easy and data protected video communication between old people and their friends and family.

For this purpose, the existing video consultation service will be adapted to the specific needs of the use case. The aim is to facilitate competent usage of technologies by older individuals living independently in rural or urban environments in order to overcome their fear of digital solutions and have access to a problem-solving approach in their community.

The proposed digital solution offers browser-based access via tablets that makes using the solution very easy and the underlying software provides a direct and encrypted end-to-end connection without servers in between through which user privacy is protected. There is no data exchange in any form with third parties.

Old people will be able to have regular and easy-to-use video calls with their relatives without leaving their own home and without being exposed to the dangers of COVID-19, while still maintaining a sense of security within the family.

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