El Salvador Nursing Home (SAL) is supporting different partners of the SHAPES consortium in the implementation of technological solutions aiming to improve the users’ quality of life and healthy ageing.
To this end, SAL is providing experienced and professionals in the field of rehabilitation, with the aim of ensuring that these solutions are in line with users’ needs. The intention is to optimise the rehabilitation process and reduce costs to improve the sustainability of the Health care system.
At the same time, SAL is providing a large number of participants in the SHAPES project, facilitating the study and development of the prototypes used.

Arco Research group (Arco Research) has already begun to test their prototypes in collaboration with SAL, among its professionals and residents, through the different trial priors to the pilot deployment. Arco Research is already receiving the first data and impressions about the totem or kiosk and the sensors, as well as the smart mirror.

Totem or Interactive Kiosk

SAL has been evaluating the suitability of the system in terms of ergonomics. To this end, a trial was conducted during which different users were performing exercises in front of the rehabilitation system.

Antonia Romero, director of SAL, testing the Totem prototype


SAL has been evaluating the sensors, running different experiments for data collection, and placing the sensors in different body parts. The sensors also evaluated the data gathering system, designed ad-hoc for this purpose.

Antonia Romero, director of SAL, testing the Totem prototype

Smart Mirror

The purpose is that the Smart Mirror becomes a virtual caregiver, accompanying users during their routines, especially those prescribed to improve their health. This would be especially suitable for people with memory disorders.

Example of reminder shown by the smart mirror