In July 2020 Clinica Humana (CH) was Awarded with the Cercle D’Economia de Les Illes Balears Innovation Award for DIABENUR: A virtual nurse specialised in Diabetes. This annual price acknowledges the innovation character of small and medium sizes companies withing the Balearic Islands of Spain. Clinica Humana presented Diabenur: the second one of their virtual nurses. Diabenur is is an AI virtual nurse specialised in Diabetes, design by clinicians that monitors, analysis and provide medication and health plans to people with diabetes. The virtual health professional accompanies the person 24/7 and provides him/her with a personalised and motivating health plan, that empowers the patient’condition self-management .

This award will allow Clinica Humana to join the Cercle the Economia to disseminate the work of their set of virtual nurses beyond clinical and technical sectors. Further, this prize represents a great opportunity for expanding networks into the private capital and policymaking sectors.

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