On 20 October 2020, the EIPonAHA Reference Site HealthRegion CologneBonn – represented in SHAPES by the affiliated gewi-Institute for healthcare studies – held an “EIPonAHA Thematic Workshop” on “Integrated care and platform solutions for better provision of health and care services”.

Almost 90 participants from all over the European Union joined the online event. It was an opportunity to discuss ICT-supported integrated care interventions for older persons living at home. The workshop’s focus was set onto the implementation challenges and the lessons learned from projects throughout EIP on AHA Reference Sites such as the Oberbergischer Kreis or the Portuguese Amadora, as well as by the multi-stakeholder open platform concept rolled out in the EU-H2020 SHAPES project.

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS Bologna) shared SHAPES’s rationale and further discussed the needs for insuring the successful implementation of ICT-supported integrated care solutions, together with integrated care experts from Germany, Portugal and the International Foundation for Integrated Care, IFIC. More information available at: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/ageing/news/integrated-care-and-platform-solutions-better-provision-health-and-care-services_en

Among others, speakers included SHAPES partners: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS Bologna) Lead Partner Task 3.2, Dr. Alexia Zurkuhlen (HealthRegion CologneBonn & gewi-Institute for healthcare studies) presented the Reference Site Oberbergischer Kreis