The integration of health and social care is one of the key challenges in Europe’s care systems. It is a huge obstacle to ensure healthy ageing and independent living for all, a key goal of SHAPES.

Our project is working on it, and we want to trigger a debate with all interested stakeholders. We want to share our work and hear from everyone involved in the development of integrated care.

You can be part of the conversation in two ways:

  • Follow our awareness campaign, which is ongoing in all our social media accounts during the month of October! Debate is particularly lively in Twitter. Just visit our Twitter account and/or look for the campaign hashtag #SHAPESdialogue.
  • Join our second online SHAPES Dialogue Workshop next 29 October! The workshop is free and will allow you to actively exchange with other interested stakeholders from across Europe.

To register to the Dialogue Workshop, simply click here.

We look forward to a rich exchange of views on integrated care and how SHAPES can contribute to achieving it!

If you need any further information, you can reach out via email: