The first dialogue workshop was supposed to take place in the Czech Republic on May 12 and 13 May. It, however, run virtually on Youtube and Zoom, showing how technology can help overcome some obstacles in life. Although interactions and networking were obviously less spontaneous, the event – eventually held on May 12th only – allows more than 80 stakeholders to virtually meet and exchange over four major topics, dear to the SHAPES project in that specific moment:

  • Ethics requirements for digital solutions
  • Co-creation of think tank for European Integrated Care
  • Foresight exercise: thinking about future technologies for the users of the future
  • Use cases, personas and scenarios

For each topic, relative videos, key messages, news, reading materials and presentations have been shared, both during the online awareness campaign (April-May 2020) and on the very day. The audience also got to attend break-out sessions, each of them differently designed to directly interact with the participants.

The workshop resulted in a very detailed and practical guideline for the next Dialogue Workshops, and in a set of pre-validated research findings, thanks to the feedback gathered throughout the exercises.