The 2nd Open Call will be launched on the 1st of February 2022 with a submission deadline on the 30th April 2022 at 17pm CEST. Invitations to successful applicants are expected to be made by theĀ  mid-July 2022 with project expected to start operating by the 1st of September 2022. Similarly to the 1st Open Call, projects will be expected to run for a period between the minimum of six (6) and maximum of twelve (12) months. The maximum funding for such projects will be capped at 50.000 euros. A maximum of ten (10) project will be selected for funding in this Open call.

The 2nd Open Call The call will focus on extending capabilities and functionalities of the SHAPES Platform with new types of medical devices (aimed primarily at manufacturers) and Digital Solutions (aimed at technology developers and service providers), not excluding IoT Platforms built for e-Health applications such as EHR/PHR systems. The primary aim is to support both types of contributions, thus enabling validation of SDK and API mechanisms for adding new types of external components, beyond those that have been anticipated in the project, such as solutions and devices with applications in future pandemics. The secondary objective is to extend the library of options embedded into SHAPES Platform at the end of the project and before going with project solution to market.

The consortium believes in the added value of integrating commercial industry-standard technologies to complement similar capabilities already existent within the consortium. Some of the important use cases include coordinating the care of chronic patients by enabling the co-operation of many different eHealth systems such as Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs), Personal Health Record Systems (PHRs) and wireless medical sensor devices; enabling secondary use of EHRs for clinical research; being able to share lifelong EHRs among different healthcare providers. Therefore enhancing the SHAPES solution with new means of validation of compliance with common health and social care standards, especially new and evolving developments of standards and regulations linked with COVID-19 and possible future pandemics, would be specifically requested in its 2nd Open Call, those including, but not limited to: HL7-FHIR for health care services, Continua Alliance regarding Medical Device certifications with consideration for FIWARE API (FIWARE NGSI) curated framework of open source platform components useful for building Smart Solutions faster, easier and cheaper (

Although achieving eHealth interoperability is quite a challenge both because there are competing standards and clinical information itself is very complex, there have been a number of successful industry initiatives such as Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Profiles, epSOS initiative for sharing Electronic Health Records and ePrescriptions in Europe. Verification of SHAPES against such and similar industrial standards shall be considered as added benefit. Following the SHAPES Open call implementation rules, selected topics not funded in the 1st SHAPES Open Call will be also available in the 2nd SHAPES Open Call.


The same eligibility criteria with the H2020 rules of participation (cf. Article 10) apply in this Open Call. More specifically, eligible to receive funding through this Open Call is any legal entity established in a Member State or associated country, or created under Union law. For more details refer to:

Timeline open call 2 winners announced July 2022

One to two projects per call topic will be funded at up to 50,000 Euros


The deadline for the submission is 30th of April 2022 at 17:00 CEST. The sent date and time of the mail will will be used to confirm timely submission of the application.

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