Open Calls



The 2nd Open Call is expected to be launched in January 2022 with a submission deadline by end of April 2022, one-month evaluation period and fast-track project launch within a month from end of evaluations. Similarly to the 1st Open Call, projects will be expected to run for a period of six to nine months, with other durations also permitted if convincingly justified to be able to fit well to the SHAPES project timeline, especially with respect to integration and pilot trial periods. This call will focus on extending capabilities and functionalities of the SHAPES Platform with new classes of Digital Solutions (aimed at technology developers and service providers) e.g. covering alternative chronic diseases or services, new types of medical devices (aimed primarily at manufacturers) complementing those already considered and applicable to existing Pilot Themes, not excluding IoT Platforms built for e-Health applications such as EHR/PHR systems. The aim will be to support both types of contributions, thus enabling validation of Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programme Interface (API) mechanisms for adding new types of external components, beyond those that have been anticipated in the project, such as solutions and devices with applications in future pandemics. Second objective would be to extend the library of options embedded into SHAPES Platform at the end of the project and before going with project solution to market.


The same eligibility criteria with the H2020 rules of participation (cf. Article 10) apply in this Open Call. More specifically, eligible to receive funding through this Open Call is any legal entity established in a Member State or associated country, or created under Union law. For more details refer to:


One to two projects per call topic will be funded at up to 50,000 Euros

Opening Date

This Open Call is expected to launch in January 2022