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Final proposal submissions statistics

The 1st Open Call of the SHAPES project has closed on the 28th of February 2021 at 17pm CET.

Overall, 34 proposals were submitted in response to this call, out of which 4 were ineligible, for the total budget of 1,986,100 Euros and the requested funding of 1,556,120 Euros.

A maximum of 10 proposals will be funded in this call.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a slight delay in announcing the winners of the SHAPES 1st Open Call. Winners will be announced imminently.

Total number of submitted proposals

34 Total Submissions (30 Eligible/4 Ineligible)

Distribution of submitted proposals per (sub-)topic

Topic 1 (2 Subs)
Topic 2 (4 subs)
Topic 3 (o subs)
Topic 4 (13 subs)
Topic 5 (1 subs)
Topic 6 (2 subs)
Topic 7 (8 subs)

The SHAPES open calls aim to promote innovation by identifying challenges within the SHAPES pilot sites and inviting SME’s and all EU organisations that are eligible to EC funding under the rules of H2020 to meet these challenges with innovative solutions that can be integrated in the SHAPES Platform in support of active and healthy ageing and independent living. The SHAPES open calls provide opportunities for organisations to integrate their solutions in a large ecosystem at European level.

What are the challenges?

The SHAPES pilots have identified a number of challenges that applicants are invited to propose solutions for. They include the following;

Challenge Identifier Challenge
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST1Urinalysis in home setting
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST2Monitoring of nutrition intake
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST3Monitoring hydration and quantity of fluid intake
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST4Smart Connectables for Health and well being
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST5Speech-enabled Chatbots
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST6Social support in local community
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST7Open Topic

There is also an open topic in which applicants are invited to suggest innovative solutions that can extend the current capabilities of the SHAPES platform. Greater detail on all topics can be found in SHAPES-OC1-Enablers – Technical Details.pdf

Who should apply?

European Industry, SMEs, start-ups, universities, research and technology centres that can illustrate how their solutions can meet the challenges outlined in OC1. Every participant must be legally registered in a member state of the European Union or in a Horizon 2020 associated country. Details on eligibility criteria can be found in SHAPES-OC1-Enablers – Eligibility Criteria.pdf.


Timeline graphic for applications

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Open Calls FAQs

We are from outside of the European Commission. Are we still eligible for funding?

Please check the eligibility document provided in the Open Call for details. In brief, EU Member States and Associated Countries are eligible for receiving funding from Horizon 2020 program, including SHAPES Open Call. In case of any doubts please refer to Horizon 2020 eligibility guidelines online.

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What do you mean by “project” and “proposal” in the provided template?

The provided template formulates the complete proposal of a micro-project, aimed to offer a value-added solution extending and/or complementing the Digital Solutions of the SHAPES project with additional capabilities. Such needs are listed in a form of topics, one of which is expected to be addressed by the submitted proposal.

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What do you mean by “explain the overall concept underpinning the project”?

The proposal of the micro-project is expected to be provided, which can be run individually by the applicant, while offering means of monitoring its progress by SHAPES project, as well as ensure ease of integration of its results into the SHAPES infrastructure. Each proposed solution is expected to be integrated into a specific SHAPES Digital Solution, identified in each Open Call topic.

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What is meant by “Provide a draft ‘plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results’”?

The applicants will be expected also to contribute to the SHAPES project dissemination and exploitation. Therefore, they are expected to describe their own strategy for disseminating the results of their project and their strategy for exploiting results they would produce in their project. Joint dissemination and exploitation with partners in SHAPES would be considered as added advantage in the evaluation of the submission.

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What do you expect to provide for the “overall structure of the work plan”?

The proposal is expected to describe process of implementing the proposed solution in a form of one Work Package with a number of tasks targeting individual activities, as commonly expected in Horizon 2020 projects. Example activities may include e.g. needs analysis, applied R&D, implementation and validation, integration into SHAPES Digital Solution, support to SHAPES pilots, contribution to SHAPES dissemination and exploitation, etc.

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What deliverables are expected?

Applicants are expected to produce at least one report as well as a prototype of their solution, both considered as formal deliverables of their project. The report must describe in sufficient detail, work completed per each task of their work plan, results achieved, description of implementation and tests performed, to a sufficient level of detail to enable SHAPES partners to integrate produced results into their own solutions. Based on those we will be able to verify that applicants’ project has satisfied its objectives and can receive the final payment.

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What do you mean by “timing of the different work packages and their components (Gantt chart or similar)”?

The proposal needs to fit to the project schedule of pilots, if this has been explicitly requested in the topic targeted by the applicant. Note that since we expect only one Work Package in the proposal, we only ask for graphical description of inter-relations among tasks that are proposed by applicants (PERT chart) and their timing (Gantt chart).

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How to “Describe the match between partner profile and project objectives”?

We expect applicants to justify and prove that they have sufficient expertise, experience and capabilities to pursue the development they propose in their application. Please follow similar structure of Section 4 as for all proposals submitted under Horizon 2020 program.

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What are we expected to provide under Section 5 “Ethics”?

Since solutions proposed in our Open Call are targeting e-Health services, they may potentially be subject to ethical concerns, one of which being, but not limited to, privacy or data and as such governed by the GDPR regulation from the European Commission. Applicants are expected to identify and describe if any ethical issues may be applicable to the solution that they develop and how they expect to deal with such issues.

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Where will my solution/product be deployed?

The solutions selected by the SHAPES open calls will be implemented in the leading pilot site as well as replicating sites. You can find details of this in Deliverable D6.1 “SHAPES Pan-European Pilot Campaign Plan”.

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I am based in the UK. Can I still apply to the open calls after Brexit?

Yes, UK entities can continue to participate and receive funding in Horizon 2020 projects.

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Where can I see the pilot schedule?

You can find the pilot schedule here. Pilot Schedule Gantt chart.

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Total budget of €500,000. Subject to the eligibility criteria being met, at least once proposal will be funded per challenge, up to €50,000 per project. Other amounts may be accepted if sufficiently justified.


Proposals must be submitted before the 28th of February 2021 at 17:00 CET

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