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Up to €1,000,000 available over 3 calls

Current Open Call
Open Call 2

The 2nd Open Call will be launched on the 1st of February 2022 with a submission deadline on the 30th April 2022 at 17pm CEST. Invitations to successful applicants are expected to be made by the mid-July 2022 with project expected to start operating by the 1st of September 2022. Similarly to the 1st Open Call, projects will be expected to run for a period between the minimum of six (6) and maximum of twelve (12) months. The maximum funding for such projects will be capped at 50.000 euros. A maximum of ten (10) project will be selected for funding in this Open call.

The 2nd Open Call The call will focus on extending capabilities and functionalities of the SHAPES Platform with new types of medical devices (aimed primarily at manufacturers) and Digital Solutions (aimed at technology developers and service providers), not excluding IoT Platforms built for e-Health applications such as EHR/PHR systems. The primary aim is to support both types of contributions, thus enabling validation of SDK and API mechanisms for adding new types of external components, beyond those that have been anticipated in the project, such as solutions and devices with applications in future pandemics. The secondary objective is to extend the library of options embedded into SHAPES Platform at the end of the project and before going with project solution to market.

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Future Open Calls
Open Call 3

The 3rd Open Call will launch in October 2022 with a submission deadline at the end of January 2023, one month evaluation period and projects expected to start within one month after the end of the review period. Similarly to previous two Open Calls, projects funded in this one would be expected to conclude within six to nine months with longer periods permitted as long as not exceeding the termination date of the SHAPES project.

This 3rd Open Call will directly target providers of e-Health solutions and will request evaluation of the SHAPES Platform in operational environments of Health Care organisations, adding new use cases and pilot sites to the SHAPES large-scale piloting campaign, whereby dealing with actual patients and able to evaluate and confirm benefit of using SHAPES Platform in their services. Considering the need of dealing with personal data of real persons, this Open Call will be launched in the last year of the SHAPES project, after the platform has been extensively evaluated and validated such that to ensure sufficient level of reliability and compliance with ethics specifications. Such pilot activities will allow user validation and acceptance of the new digital solutions and represent a true market opportunity for new entrants.

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Previous Open Calls
Open Call 1

The SHAPES open calls aim to promote innovation by identifying challenges within the SHAPES pilot sites and inviting SME’s and all EU organisations that are eligible to EC funding under the rules of H2020 to meet these challenges with innovative solutions that can be integrated into the SHAPES Platform in support of active and healthy ageing and independent living. The SHAPES open calls provide opportunities for organisations to integrate their solutions in a large ecosystem at European level.

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